For Art Dealers

The Code represents the commitment of individuals and organisations across the Indigenous visual arts industry to build strong, ethical Indigenous visual arts commerce and put an end to exploitative practices which take advantage of artists and negatively affect their communities.

Code signatories will be recognised as dealers, galleries and art centres that are committed to the objectives of the Code and to the highest standards of ethical and respectful business dealings with Indigenous artists.

As the Code is implemented, artists will be informed and encouraged to work with Code signatories and report any behaviour that is not code compliant. Consumers will be encouraged to purchase from Code signatories with the confidence that the artworks they buy have come through an ethical process which respects Indigenous artists.

Apply to become a Dealer Member and signatory to the Code

What are my obligations if I sign up to the Code?

The obligations of signatories are contained in the Company Constitution and the Indigenous Art Code. Briefly, Code signatories are required to:

  • Act fairly, honestly and professionally in dealings with Artists. The Code contains specific examples of unprofessional and illegal conduct which do not meet the required standard.
  • Ensure that Artists clearly understand the terms on offer and that they enter into agreements with informed consent.
  • Respect the cooling off period rights of the Artist.
  • Be transparent and responsive in regard to payments.
  • Provide true information about the authenticity and provenance of the work.
  • Supply a Code Certificate for any work that is received directly from the Artist.
  • Respect Indigenous cultural practices and Artists’ rights.
  • Take proper care of artworks in their possession.
  • Provide reports to the Artists on progress with sales and other details regarding their work.
  • Adhere to compliance and complaint handling procedures.

What support will I receive?

The Company has developed a range of resources to assist you in meeting your obligations and identify you as a Company member and Code signatory. These are available from the Company at

What happens if a complaint is made against a Dealer member?

All Dealer Members of the Code are required to resolve complaints made against them fairly and promptly.

Where the Company receives a complaint made against a Dealer Member it will investigate the complaint through an independent Complaints Committee which will provide a fair opportunity for both parties to address the complaint.

What happens if a Dealer member is found to have breached the Code?

If a Dealer Member of the Code breaches any of the rules contained in the Code or the Company Constitution, or if their actions are damaging to the Code or contrary to the best interests of the Company, the Directors may undertake one or more of the following actions:

  • Suspend a Dealer Member’s rights and privileges of membership of the Company for such period as the Directors determine;
  • Impose conditions on their membership of the Company as the Directors determine;
  • Impose any other sanction agreed to by the Directors in accordance with the Code;
  • Expel a Dealer Member of the Company and have their name removed from the register;
  • Take any other action to remedy the breach.