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What does the Code mean for Indigenous Artists?

The Indigenous Art Code is a set of rules for art dealers that tell them the right way to work with Indigenous artists.  Dealers who become Code Members have to keep to the Code rules.

The Code means that Dealers must be fair, honest and respectful with you.

  • Dealers must not take advantage of you if you are sick or confused or cannot look after yourself for some reason.
  • The Code does not tell Dealers what is a fair price but they must be respectful and listen to you and work with you until you both agree that the deal is fair.
  • Dealers must explain the deal properly and make sure that you understand the deal.
  • Dealers cannot pay you with drugs or alcohol.

You can take your time to think about the deal and ask questions. Even when you say yes, you have 7 days to change your mind and tell the Dealer.

Become an Indigenous Artist member of Indigenous Art Code Limited (IartC)

The Code has been developed to protect Indigenous artists from exploitation and ensure they and their works are treated respectfully.

Indigenous artist members are important in helping to promote the Code to other artists and helping to ensure that IartC understands artists’ issues.

We encourage Indigenous Artists to join IartC. In joining IartC you will have the opportunity to participate in Annual General Meetings and vote on major issues. There is no membership fee for Indigenous artist members.

Apply to become an Indigenous Artist Member