Registered Members

Dealer members

Dealer Members are Members of IartC and signatories to the Code.

National Aboriginal Cultural Institute – TandanyaSouth Australia

Main trading name Location
Aborigene Galerie Paris, France
Aboriginal and Modern Art Gallery of Australia (AMAGOA) Victoria
Aboriginal Art Directory New South Wales
Aboriginal Art Galerie Brit’s Art and Promotion Übach-Palenberg, Germany
Aboriginal Art Gallery ILGA Rotterdam,
the Netherlands
The Aboriginal Art House South Australia
Aboriginal Art NT Northern Territory
Aboriginal Art Online Australian Capital Territory
Aboriginal Exhibitions Victoria
Aboriginal Fine Arts Northern Territory
Aboriginal Investment Art Gallery Northern Territory
Aboriginart Indigenous Fine Art Gallery Western Australia
Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Fine Art Bruxelles, Belgium
Albury Regional Art Gallery New South Wales
Ann Snell Gallery New South Wales
Aranda Art Victoria
Archipelago Arts Western Australia
Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre Northern Territory
Art Atrium New South Wales
Art Eclectic New South Wales
Art Mob Tasmania
Art Rotation New South Wales
The Artery Contemporary Aboriginal Art New South Wales
Artists of Ampilatwatja Aboriginal Corporation Northern Territory
Artkelch Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Artitja Fine Art Western Australia
Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery Western Australia
Arts d’Australie – Stephane Jacob Paris, France
Australian Aboriginal Desert Art Victoria
The Australian Art Print Network New South Wales
Australian Mallee Art Victoria
Baluk Arts Victoria
Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku Northern Territory
Bana Yirriji Arts and Cutural Centre Queensland
Barkly Regional Arts Northern Territory
Bianca Crake Western Australia
Bim Bam Byron Bay New South Wales
Bindi – Mwerre Anthurre Artists Northern Territory
Blue Waterlily Queensland
Booker-Lowe Gallery Houston, USA
Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative New South Wales
Boomerang Art Queensland
Bula’bula Arts Northern Territory
Camelman Products Western Australia
Ceduna Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre South Australia
Central Art Northern Territory
Charleston’s Fine Art Auctions New South Wales
Cicada Trading Queensland
Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery New South Wales
Corroboree Exports South Australia
Desert Art Centre Northern Territory
Dheo-Ka Art Centre New South Wales
Dreamtime Art Victoria
Dulilli New South Wales
Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation Northern Territory
DZ Galerie Noumea,
New Caledonia
Eastern Desert Art Northern Territory
Elcho Island Arts Northern Territory
Erub Erwer Meta Torres Strait Islander Corporation Queensland
Fireworks Gallery Queensland
First Things Gallery Victoria
Flinders Lane Gallery Victoria
FORM Contemporary Craft & Design Inc Western Australia
Framed – The Darwin Gallery Northern Territory
Frankston Arts Centre Victoria
Fremantle Arts Centre Western Australia
Galerie le Temps du Reve Pont Aven, France
Galerie Luc Berthier Paris, France
Gallerie Australis South Australia
Gallery Kaiela Victoria
The Gate Gallery New South Wales
Girringun Aboriginal Arts Centre Queensland
Global Kids Oz Queensland
Gondwa Gallery Queensland
Headsox Flexible Headwear Victoria
Histoires Aborigenes Besancon, France
The Home of Living Colour Gifts New South Wales
Honey Ant Gallery Queensland
Honey Ant Gallery Singapore
IDAIA – International Development for Australian Indigenous Art New South Wales
Ikuntji Artists Northern Territory
Indigenous Instyle Queensland
Indigenu South Australia
Injalak Arts Northern Territory
Ironwood Arts Northern Territory
Iwantja Arts Aboriginal Corporation South Australia
Jaktman Australian Contemporary Art Gallery Australian Capital Territory
Japingka Gallery Western Australia
JGM Art London,
United Kingdom
Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association Northern Territory
John Morse Art New South Wales
Justin Ridgeway New South Wales
Kaltjiti Arts and Craft South Australia
Karrinyarra Artists (trading as Okka Wikka) Queensland
Karungkarni Art Northern Territory
Katherine Art Gallery Northern Territory
Kayili Artists Aboriginal Corporation Western Australia
Keringke Arts Aboriginal Corporation Northern Territory
KickArts Contemporary Arts Queensland
Kidogo Art Institute Western Australia
Koorie Heritage Trust Victoria
Larrakia Nation Arts Northern Territory
Lauraine Diggins Fine Art Victoria
Lumbi Aboriginal Art Victoria
Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery Western Australia
Mabunji / Waralungku Arts Northern Territory
Marana Gallery Vaxholm, Sweden
Marrang Art New South Wales
Marshall Arts South Australia
Martumili Artists Western Australia
Mbantua Gallery Northern Territory
Merrepen Arts, Culture and Language Aboriginal Corporation Northern Territory
Merenda Gallery Western Australia
Milamira Victoria
Mimi Arts and Crafts Northern Territory
Mimili Maku Arts South Australia
The Mix New South Wales
MOA Art Centre Torres Strait QLD
Mornington Island Art Queensland
Mossman Gorge Centre Queensland
Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre Western Australia
Mulapa Aboriginal Art New South Wales
Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art (AAMU) Utrecht,
the Netherlands
Nadia Phillips Aboriginal Art London UK
Ngarru Gallery Queensland
Ngurratjuta Many Hands Art and the Hermannsburg Potters Northern Territory
Ninuku Arts Indigenous Corporation South Australia
On the Stone Australian Capital Territory
Outstation – art from art centres Northern Territory
OzAboriginal New South Wales
Palya Art Didgeri Air Art Tours Northern Territory
Pandanus Gallery Queensland
Papulankutja Artists Aboriginal Corporation Western Australia
Papunya Tjupi Arts Northern Territory
Peter Kafer New South Wales
Pormpuraaw Art and Culture Centre Queensland
Promergingart Victoria
Putipula Gallery Queensland
Raft Artspace Northern Territory
Raintree Art Victoria
Roots Gallery Hamburg, Germany
Round River New South Wales
Saltwater Gallery Queensland
Seva Frangos Art Western Australia
Spinifex Arts Project Western Australia
Suncare Community Services Queensland
Talapi Northern Territory
Tali Gallery New South Wales
Tangentyere Artists Northern Territory
Tineriba Fine Arts South Australia
Tingari Arts Northern Territory
Tiwi Art Network Northern Territory
Tjala Arts South Australia
Tjanpi Desert Weavers Northern Territory
Tjarlirli Art Western Australia
Tjukurba Art Gallery Western Australia
Tjungu Palya Aboriginal Corporation South Australia
Umbrella Studio Association Queensland
UMI Arts Queensland
Vivien Anderson Gallery Victoria
Waminda South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation New South Wales
Warakurna Artists Aboriginal Corporation Western Australia
Warlayirti Artists Western Australia
Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation Northern Territory
Warrina Designs Victoria
Waterhole Art New South Wales
Wik and Kugu Arts and Craft Centre Queensland
Wirnda Barna Artists Western Australia
Yarliyil Art Centre Western Australia
Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council Queensland
Yarrenyty Arltere Artists Northern Territory
Yinjaa-Barni Art Aboriginal Corporation Western Australia
Yubu Napa Northern Territory
Yulngu Fine Art Gallery Northern Territory
4 Art Sake Victoria

Indigenous Artist members

Indigenous Artist Members are artists who are Members of IartC and who wish to publicly state their support for the Code and its aims.

Name of artist Location
Alison Riley South Australia
Alison Treacle South Australia
Allan Griffin Victoria
Amy Friday Bajamalanya Northern Territory
Andrea Dutka (Bulku little mouse) New South Wales
Andrew Snelgar New South Wales
Anne Jacob South Australia
Antjala Robin South Australia
Arone Raymond Meeks Queensland
Barbara Finch Queensland
Barbara Moore South Australia
Benita Clements Northern Territory
Betty Wheeler Northern Territory
Bindi Cole Chocka Victoria
Brenda Pearson Queensland
Butch Anderson New South Wales
Carly Lane Western Australia
Carol Maanyatja Golding Western Australia
Chern’ee Sutton Queensland
Chris Ken South Australia
Coralie Cassady Queensland
Craig Layer New South Wales
Damien Marks Northern Territory
Damon Calanca (‘Domi Doolamai’) Queensland
Danielle Mate Sullivan New South Wales
Danny Harman Queensland
Deborah Burton South Australia
Delilah Shepherd Western Australia
Delma Forbes South Australia
Dennis Mulheron Queensland
Dennis Nona Queensland
Dorcas Tinnimay Bennett Western Australia
Dulcie Nanala Western Australia
Dwayne Nixon Queensland
Eunice Aston South Australia
Eunice Yunurupa Porter Western Australia
Frank Young South Australia
Freda Ken South Australia
Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi Northern Territory
Gloria Pannka Northern Territory
Gloria Petyarre Northern Territory
Gregory Wilson New South Wales
Gypsy (Ani) Drover New South Wales
Hector Burton South Australia
Helicopter Tjungurrayi Western Australia
Helen McCarthy Northern Territory
Helen Nagomara Western Australia
Ian Jensen Queensland
Iluwanti Ken South Australia
Imelda Guguman Western Australia
Indi Latimore New South Wales
Ingrid Treacle South Australia
Iwana Ken South Australia
James Muir South Australia
Jane Gimme Western Australia
Jane Young Northern Territory
Janet May Fieldhouse Australian Capital Territory
Janice Nixon Western Australia
Jasmin Marisa Herro (Nima Sajah) New South Wales
Jasmine Dehnen South Australia
Jedda Puruntatameri Northern Territory
Joanne Ken South Australia
Joanne Wheeler Northern Territory
Josepha Petrick Kemarre Northern Territory
Judith Chambers Western Australia
Julie Gough Tasmania
June (Dhukwe) Mackay Queensland
Karen Hatches South Australia
Katanari Tjilya South Australia
Kathleen Buzzacott Northern Territory
Kathleen Petyarre Northern Territory
Ken Shepherd Western Australia
Kerrianne Namatjira Northern Territory
Kevin Lee Queensland
Kristian Brown New South Wales
Kumpaya Girgirba Western Australia
Kunytjitja Brown South Australia
Lady Gordon Western Australia
Larry Gundora Western Australia
Lea Stevens Queensland
Lenie Namatjira Northern Territory
Lewis Burns New South Wales
Linda Smith Queensland
Mabel Wakart Western Australia
Mantuwa George South Australia
Mantuwa Treacle South Australia
Manyitjanu Lennon South Australia
Marcus Wheeler Northern Territory
Margaret Chatfield Queensland
Maria Edwards Queensland
Marie Mudgedell Western Australia
Marinka Tunkin South Australia
Marita Baker South Australia
MarkGlenn Harmony Queensland
Martha Lee Western Australia
Mary Pan South Australia
Maureen Douglas South Australia
Maxine Charlie Western Australia
Meredith Daniel South Australia
Michelle Possum Nungurrayi Northern Territory
Michael West New South Wales
Mick Wikilyiri South Australia
Milyika Paddy South Australia
Miriam Baadjo Western Australia
Morita Ward Western Australia
Muuki Taylor Western Australia
Myra Yurtiwa Cook Western Australia
Nancy George South Australia
Nancy Nyanyarna Jackson Western Australia
Nancy Taylor Western Australia
Nanu Ken South Australia
Napolean Oui Queensland
Nini Mervin South Australia
Nola Taylor Western Australia
Nola Wongway South Australia
Noreena Kadibil Western Australia
Nyari Morgan Western Australia
Nyrulla Possum Burns Victoria
Nyukana Norris South Australia
Nyunmiti Burton South Australia
Paninyi Mick Wikilyiri South Australia
Pauline Smith South Australia
Pauline Syron-Coxon New South Wales
Peter Rowlands Western Australia
Peter Rowlinson New South Wales
Phyllis Williams South Australia
Polly Pawuya Butler-Jackson Western Australia
R Kel Williams Queensland
Ray Ken South Australia
Reena Rogers Western Australia
Ricardo Idagi Victoria
Rini Tiger South Australia
Rita Rolley South Australia
Robert Burton South Australia
Robert Pau Queensland
Robert Tiger South Australia
Robert York New South Wales
Ronald Ward Queensland
Ronnie Douglas South Australia
Rosabelle Namatjira Northern Territory
Rosalie Namatjira Northern Territory
Rosella Namok Queensland
Roy McIvor Queensland
Ruby Williamson South Australia
Sammy Lyons South Australia
Sandra Ken South Australia
Scott Webb South Australia
Sheryl Bennett Victoria
Taylor Cooper South Australia
Teho Ropeyarn Queensland
Terry Cross New South Wales
Thelma Dixon Northern Territory
Thelma Judson Western Australia
Tirikee (Aleshia Lonsdale) New South Wales
Tjampawa Kawinyi South Australia
Tjangili George South Australia
Tjimpayi Presley South Australia
Tjulkiwa Atira Atira South Australia
Tjungkara Ken South Australia
Tommy Mitchell Western Australia
Tony Lonsdale (Guubbaay) New South Wales
Tossy Baadjo Western Australia
Wawiriya Burton South Australia
William Chambers Queensland
Willy Kaika South Australia
Witjiti George South Australia
Wokka Taylor Western Australia
Yaritji Young South Australia
Yikartu Bumba Western Australia

Supporter members

Supporter Members are organisations or individuals who are Members of IartC who do not trade in Indigenous art but are highly supportive of the Code and its aims.

Name of organisation or individual Location
Aboriginal Art Centre Hub Western Australia (AACHWA) Western Australia
Ananguku Arts and Culture Aboriginal Corporation South Australia
Artback NT: Arts Development and Touring Northern Territory
Arts Law Centre of Australia New South Wales
Association of Northern Kimberley & Arnhem Aboriginal Artists (ANKAAA) Northern Territory
Brian Tucker Queensland
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia Western Australia
Copyright Agency New South Wales
Desart Northern Territory
Edwina Circuitt New south Wales
Henry and Felicity Edgell Tasmania
Ian MacLean Victoria
Indigenous Art Centre Alliance (IACA) Queensland
Murray Arts Victoria
Museums & Galleries NSW New South Wales
Ninti One Northern Territory
Regional Arts Australia Victoria
Regional Arts New South Wales New South Wales
Regional Galleries Association of Queensland Queensland
Richard England New South Wales
Rio Tinto Western Australia
Ron Merkel QC Victoria
Scenic Rim Regional Council Queensland
St John of God Health Care Western Australia
South East Arts New South Wales
The University of the Sunshine Coast Queensland
University of Western Australia Museums: Berndt Museum of Anthropology, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery & Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art Western Australia
Vicki McGeoch Victoria
Vicki Standish Victoria
Wesfarmers Western Australia